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The Rummage is a curatorial online journal affiliated with WRIR-LP 97.3 FM Richmond Independent Radio, publishing edifying reviews crafted by WRIR DJs, volunteers, and local Richmonders on a weekly basis. Among the core components of WRIR’s mission are commitment to outreach and community involvement; distributing worthwhile, educative, and free press; and nurturing awareness of exemplary but underrepresented music, including local music. The journal was formed as an interface in service of these aims, hoping to support, inform and inspire readers, local music enthusiasts, local students with a passion for journalism and music, and to function as an ancillary to the musical culture in Richmond; to produce thought-provoking content via written rather than broadcast journalism; and to facilitate discussions about a diversity of musical accomplishments that often remain outside-the-mainstream and so estranged from a public audience. This project purposes to integrate both with WRIR-related media and the local music culture in order to share WRIR’s in-studio records and critical expertise with its listeners; function connectively to station events, broadcasts, and participatory forums; support Richmond musicians and musical infrastructure; and create a new outlet for WRIR volunteers to use their talents on behalf of the station’s mission. Thus, The Rummage collates a weekly newsletter from contributions of a team of core writers, but also provides publication opportunities to talented local writers who would like to become station volunteers, credibility to talented new volunteers adducing station and extra-station support for their deejay advancement, and promotional opportunities to talented local bands who would like a thorough discussion of their work to be featured.

The newsletter is a professional, educative, content-focused, scope-oriented, and expertise-driven publication that sources from an eclectic mix of music based on quality. We are dedicated to high standards for content and style, and though we encourage each reviewer’s personal voice, the commentative tone must be informed, edifying, expressive, thorough, and engaging. The music selected for review in each cooperative publication is suited to our reviewers’ stylistic expertise and enthusiasms. The Rummage aims to procure intent, profound analysis from aficionados with nuanced critical sensibilities, and we encourage creativity of approach, allowing the critic to select any focus or cover any breadth that they deem appropriate to address the notable aspects of the music.

Each newsletter will also contain a podcast that provides a synopsis of the reviews and information about WRIR-related or Richmond-related music events, a song to stream from each album, a compiled playlist, and links to the band websites and WRIR programs related to each article. Most notably, one Local Feature will be included in each publication. Aligned with WRIR’s and Rummage’s mission to bolster the Richmond music scene, the Local Feature for emerging Richmond musicians will promote awareness of and publicity for a band event (i.e. an album release, a concert at a local venue, or an in-studio performance at the station) and provide professional, constructive commentary from our venerable reviewers.

… interested in writing for us? …

Are you interested in listening critically to music in the genres that you love and enthusing over the formidable music scene in Richmond? Your contribution will be published for and enjoyed by local bands, music lovers, recording studios, potential employers, and Richmond-at-large! This is a great opportunity to serve the station, galvanize Richmond’s music community (there will be one local feature in each week of the blog!), and achieve sophisticated journalistic credibility while gushing about the genres, albums, and artists that you love. If you are a talented writer but haven’t yet found your niche at WRIR, or if you’re a DJ-hopeful needing to impress the staff with your musical sensibilities and fluency, directing your energies to The Rummage will get your foot in the door!

… interested in a local feature? …

Richmond bands that would like to be considered for a local feature in conjunction with a milestone for their band should submit the demo or album for review to WRIR. If The Rummage selects your album on its merits, the article will recommend you to record labels, recording studios, and concert goers.

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“WRIR-LP 97.3 FM airs unrepresented music, news and views in order to provide a platform for cultural diversity in Richmond.

“Techno and jazz. World music and punk. Soul and folk and straight-up rock ’n’ roll. All types of music have a home at WRIR, and all of our music programs are created by volunteer DJs and aired live.”

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