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. musical history .

I was born about 10 minutes East of Queens on the South shore of Long Island, a place where you can remarkably feel none of the cultural influence of New York. The musical diversity of my childhood ran on a binary scale between the emo and ska shows that would run out of the basements of the local synagogues (I’m not joking). Despite this two-party system, I had the good fortune of having a father who kept a lot of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and James Brown on in the car. I consider listening to James Brown’s “Licking Stick” a formative experience; interpret that at your leisure.

I’ve played trombone in jazz bands as well as the William and Mary Wind Ensemble (née Wind Symphony), I’ve played guitar in rock bands, and I was a DJ at WCWM for 3 years in Williamsburg. I record music under the name Man Bun. I think the jazz and classical music I’ve spent most of my life performing – though I never cared much for it – has informed my listening preferences. Though I fancy myself to have a pretty wide range of interests, I tend to gravitate toward music with a little complexity and unfairly shy away from any musical palette that includes an acoustic guitar or (especially) a banjo.

. personal message .

People try to make parameters and criteria for what makes music inherently “good,” but I would argue it is a far more fluid and subjective medium than things like literature, film, and even physical art, all things that can have visibly clumsy execution. Therefore, don’t let people tell you what is inherently good or bad in music, including me, your reviewer. Enjoy what you like and keep an open mind!

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