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. favorite shows : all day sunday broadcast on wrir; stunted development by an appendage, if you twist my spine; don and mike, lum and abner, natn’l lampoon radio hour, my word, my music, you bet your life, doctor demento and who (anything on bbc4), gen y retrocast, the movies retrocast… .

. musical history .

Perkus Tooth likes to talk, hear himself talk, and write while listening to sounds that other people have actively recorded or documented in some fashion. His parents often extol to him the virtues of silence, which he treats as just one of his top five desert island discs and obsesses that this somehow also equals their death and metaphorically will teach him the silence of the eternal echo and that the desert-island meme is a problematic one for someone who enjoyed the Mojave and did not enjoy “Lost.” A graduate of College of the Desert (layering cake), Perkus has also slept in Wicker Park on Bosworth, in Palm Springs on Pebble Beach, 4th Street near the Lorimer Stop L, Cesky Krumlov was so much safer than Prague, and so forth. He misses meatball alphabet soup by Campbell’s, the third season of The Adventures of Pete and Pete on dvd, and trash can shots. Marlene Dietrich was hotter than Garbo, and John Huston was best toothless.

. personal message .

I finished my glass and poured another, to catch up and to salve the aggravation of banter. The only role I ever played to anyone’s complete satisfaction was an idealistic and dreamy boy with whom I have now suffered a permanent rupture from. We go our separate ways, much like living in a capital’s capital and rooting against the Dow; I feel innate lizard loin stirrings at the falling digits. Dear Reader, until next time, first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.

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