. myers, ryan .

. crate diver : ryan myers .
. website : uncommon sense .
. favorite shows : the british breakfast; soul food; the motherland influence; & paul’s boutique .

. musical history .

Hi, I am a person.

Sometimes I play music and sometimes it’s kind of listenable.

I grew up on a lot of different genres, and have always been drawn to things that seem cryptic, noirish, dreamy, brainy, fiery, overly complicated and strange. Nothing entertains me more than experimentation and an unexpected detour. That aside, the first two albums I owned in elementary school were Poison by Bel Biv Devo and the cassingle for “Boom! Shake the Room” by The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff. I miss New Jack Swing, and remain optimistic that it will be revived someday.

As I got past eighth grade, my taste changed to things like Beefheart, Pink Floyd, Ween, Wilco, James Brown, and Beck. A good cross-section of mainstream weirdos. Unfortunately, I ended up playing cheap music in a poorly-named band in high school and probably embarrassed myself in front of a lot of people. After years of trying to write my own ultra-complicated prog-rock songs, I ended up in a few random bands for a few college years, before settling into now-on-hiatus Richmond band Climbers for a stretch. I took a break after that, and the extent of my performances these days are huskily singing cheesy melodies at my girlfriend to make her laugh.

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