. moore, tyler j .

. crate diver : tyler j. moore .
. favorite show : the all-nighter: soul food .

. musical history .

I was born in Richmond, VA to a classical musician and a writer. I spent the 90’s in Berlin, Germany, raised on techno and 90’s era hip-hop. I came of age in Glasgow, Scotland in the burgeoning electro/aquacrunk scene there. It was in Glasgow that I became an audiophile, a purveyor of vinyl, and fell in love with electronic music from Detroit.

Now I have come full-circle and returned to Richmond, where I am studying the classical guitar, music theory, and composition under the tutelage of my father, James Moore III. I contribute my time here at WRIR: The Rummage, am a freelance DJ, and still a music aficionado.

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Feel free to contact me with comments and/or questions.

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