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We can’t all be producers. Consumers are part of the ecosystem, and musicians need an audience. The role of listener is the one I have taken on, and we are probably all better off for it. The last thing the world needs is another mediocre talent begging our attention.

My musical education started in my father’s car; I listened to a lot of Clash albums as a three to five year old. Other classics from the 70’s and 80’s were also in heavy rotation in Dad’s tape deck. All told, I was given a fairly comprehensive Pop education.

Growing up in Southeast Louisiana, my tastes were soon expanded into the Blues, Jazz, Zydeco, and little bit of Cajun Folk and Country Western. I didn’t stay in Baton Rouge, however. After moving to Virginia, I began heavily listening to Hip Hop, probably not uncommon for the average adolescent. I think it was Reflection Eternal’s first album, Train of Thought, which hooked me on the genre. The wonderful thing about sample based Hip Hop is that it indirectly exposes you to many different sounds. While I have stopped listening to the genre nearly exclusively as I did in my teenage years, picking out samples and recognizing sampled music is one of my favorite diversions.

These days, I listen to just about everything, except Jam Bands. Man, I really hate Jam Bands.

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Howdy hey, Potential Readers!

Thank you all for spending your valuable minutes and seconds looking over my pedestrian and amateur music reviews. I, like yourselves, am an avid listener and fan of music. I hope that these pieces can direct your ears towards something worthwhile. If a reviewed musician happens to read any of this stuff, I hope I did you and your work justice. If you take issue with anything here, I look forward to your constructive critiques and/or hate messages.

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