. coberly, allan .


. crate diver : allan coberly .
. show on wrir-lp 97.3 fm : the new breakfast snob .
. websites : the new breakfast snobthe new breakfast snob facebook; & monday machines .
. favorite shows : sunrise ocean bendertransmissions from satellite 97.3a party of one; & the airtight garage .

. musical history .

As a child I stole my father’s Ramones, Beatles, War, Dylan and Jefferson Airplane albums, which I then added to my shoplifted Zappa, Funkadelic and Sex Pistols LPs. I listened to this odd collection when I wasn’t at Grateful Dead concerts or waiting for the next Star Wars movie to come out. I’ve also played guitar and bass in a large number of local bands and in one international band, Monday Machines. I’ve been a WRIR DJ since 2005.

. personal message .

Listen to weird music. You’ll be glad you did.

. allan’s reviews .