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. musical history .

WRIR must not have been very old when I moved to our fair city. I was in town moving one weekend and decided to check out the local radio offerings. I had given up on radio’s wasteland years ago, but I was feeling shockingly optimistic. I wasn’t tuned in for more than a few minutes when I heard an artist I hadn’t heard on any station before; an artist that, in my book, has been criminally under-appreciated by the wasteland.

I was hooked.

I submitted a fund drive t-shirt design that was used and not long after I met The Lotus Land’s Michael Miracle at a show. He invited me in to check things out and get involved. I did. I started reviewing music, working on the library, helping with events, etc…Not long after I was downtown at a station event with The New Breakfast Snob. After a long discussion on how we were the definition of ‘uncool’ for harboring a love of Jethro Tull, he offered to train me to be a sub DJ. Mr. Miracle and the Snob took me under their collective wing and I was off and running. I heard of some open all-nighter slots and put in a show proposal and got it. I was in…I’ve since been on the Music and Marketing Committees, acted as Program Director and have captained Sunrise Ocean Bender since.

. personal message .

I hope my input here can shine a light on some music that, in my opinion, shines its own light for those swimming in similar waters, or just looking to dip their toe in. Rummage asked that we try and offer up our ‘experience,’ or qualifications if you will, for ascending upon the soapbox.

 My qualifications: Hopefully they’re as stellar as yours.

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