. issue XXIV : vii .

by barathron

. artist : overcast .
. album : 3:p.m. eternal .
. year : 2004 .
. label : bloody fist .
. grade : b plus .


Overcast’s 3:P.M. Eternal, long in the works for Australia’s Bloody Fist (1997-2003), present relentless hits of disorienting cutups, crisp scratches, nifty breaks, gabber kicks and spitballing samples. The listener will be bludgeoned into the ground by this cacophony of pots-and-pans beats. 3 PM is messy, gloriously cheeky and terrifically involving.

Though it was composed on an AMIGA 600, each track sounds utterly fresh — except for those that are supposed to sound dated (“Cycle Recycled”). Apparently it wasn’t good enough for the overwrought Overcast, who writes that “the AMIGA 600 used for the making of this album was sealed and buried at the southernmost tip of Tasmania at 2pm on the 4th January, 2004,” and, later, “The promised AMIGA burial photographs will now appear inside the gatefold sleeve and not directly on the website. Did someone say marketing ploy? Pfft.” The IPA touch (/‘ouv kast/) on the cd is spectacular, and the lineart for Bloody Fist glows star type G, so I’m not sure if they really needed to offer more enticement for the physical product.

Horror highlights include “Gorky Parked” and “F-Projection” (sampling “Gorky Park” and “Intellectual Killer,” respectively), aggressive breakbeat numbers that exude suspens. “Gorky Parked” uses a masterful clock chime sample to lengthen the experience of the song, and “F-Projection” features spine-chillingly ambiguous cawing or crying (animal / human?).

Another standout, “Brains,” works from geologically crushing industrial sensibilities, heavy-handed beats, a tantalizing electro tendril, and a creeping sci-fi atmosphere (climatological: moistness … swamp). It also features a controversial, cutting sample from “Bush Killa” by Paris — projecting the assassination of George H.W. Bush — and do I think it’s a coincidence they’ve used this here, in a 2004 release? … no.

“Cycle Recycled” wends feedback around the Parkinsonian morse code clammy chatter of tinny tight beats and basso profundo laser effects. Indeed, it’s an effects-laden song as stimulating and uptight as it is kitschy, a retro blood-pumper and stomper. “Cycle Recycled” is the only cut that sounds like a computer decided to make it — but the 80’s counterfeit, slight-stilt, is gloriously old skool amidst Overcast’s other offerings.

Lastly, “Who’s Fxxing Who?” is an ode to the “Sydney/Newcastle diss war,” a brilliant closer that speaks more than any other track to Overcast’s abilities as an arranger and his sheer cheek. When your high-note ending is virulent profanity slung back-and-forth on the basis of residence and ‘scene’ … you’re on Bloody Fist.

by Brittany Tracy