. issue XXI : v .

by barathron

. artist : the luck of eden hall .
. album : victoria moon .
. year : 2013 .
. label : self-released .
. grade : a .


Chicago’s The Luck of Eden Hall add another gem to the their sizable jewelry box with the luminous Victoria Moon. Wrapped in neo-psychedelic trimmings from dramatic sweep to ornate power pop poignancy, The Luck of Eden Hall keep a muscular and crunchy center intact and active. Much of Victoria Moon overtly tips her hat to The Luck of Eden Hall’s genesis in the late 80’s thru the ’90s by simply welcoming in some big rock. It’s no secret many bands out of that pool did the same, and were that much better for it, The Luck of Eden Hall included. On this outing that’s been given a bigger spotlight with some of the psych curtains being pulled back, but never put away. The real wizard behind the curtain though is probably The Luck of Eden Hall’s even stronger commitment to the song, keeping the pop core swaddled comfy in all the rock and filigree. Taken as one big bite, or nugget at a time, it all melts into a multi-color nexus that’s equal parts camaraderie, connection and unflagging pop energy.

Whether it’s in the one-two punch of “Sassafras Overcoat” and “Queen of the Stars,” the melancholy haze of “The Collapse Of Suzy Star” or in the echo-bounce ricochet from lush to somber of “Blood On My Feet,” The Luck of Eden Hall keep a sparkler or three burning consistently. Good karma has the title cut about burning the brightest under the moonlight. Dense, lush and working up a frothy head of steam, “Victoria Moon” packs a punch equal to any of the others, but wallops with a velvety glove and some eider down. After some calm with “The Collapse Of Suzy Star,” The Luck of Eden Hall are back to the hard candy with “Zap,” a tight rocker with a big chorus and just big enough bluster. Another stand out—among many—is the rocking “Dandy Horse,” a ragged and fuzzy romp that laps the competition by mixing in a heady amount of influences (I swear, Badfinger …) and ingredients that seem to grow with each spin. Through the rest of the cuts, there is a sizable amount of spinning continuing, whipped up by The Luck of Eden Hall as they seem to effortlessly weave a steady stream of psych-pop confectionery, laced with as many colors as there are flavors. Victoria Moon is both a stand out and a classic The Luck of Eden Hall album, and proof the alligator didn’t get the last gumdrop.

by Mr. Atavist