. issue XVII : v .

by barathron

. artist: tabloid .
. album : access ch. 1 .
. year : 2013 .
. label : chondritic sound .
. grade : a minus .


A/V DIY duo Tabloid are Philip Geraldi (of Shock Tropics and Mystics in Bali) and Luke Molloy (of Piles and Anxient Demond). If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, they’re running a collaborative venue and sensational sound show in Northern California called — wait for it — ‘mexnwow.’ Now they’ve released a debut on that nefariously squalid, quote “founded in the bleakness of Michigan” unquote industrial noise cassette label Chondritic Sound. Access Ch. 1 has cramped twin tracks in its womb, each running about 19 minutes, sharing a marked resemblance but emergent as nothing if not idiosyncratic. Tabloid’s compositional scheme is to evolve without resolving, instead parsing static and reconnoitering tonal multiplicities near the crunchy event horizon of AM radio, unspooling film noir in Technicolor lullabies, and chittering on its record-go-round. Gurgling mesmeric through its own progressive upbuilding and erosion, Access Ch. 1 is silt salty in a vacillating tidal wash where slow-heaving geysers settle steam and a drone-chanter, manacle-clanking procession falls in line. It’s a strident, stygian, annealing piece of too-serious kitsch, intent and majestic. Also, when visitors to the album page list their favorite track as “Side A,” you know you’ve got something good.

by Brittany Tracy