. issue XIV : iv .

by barathron

. artist : vision fortune .
. album : night jukes .
. year : 2013 .
. label : cardinal fuzz .
. grade : b plus .


Cardinal Fuzz steps back a touch after London’s Vision Fortune recently laid down their debut (Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune) with a limited release 12″ of their earlier cassette, Night Jukes (originally out on Italian Beach Babes label). This is the first I’ve heard Vision Fortune and it’s a hell of a calling card, if you want to call it that. Heavily repetitive and deceptively stripped down in construction, Night Jukes still manages to cover more ground than you might think. And that’s a testament to the duo’s handling of the ingredients, poking and prodding them (here and a bit over there) to create a broader palette than many aiming for the same effect. The repetitious spine that runs through Night Jukes smartly takes cues from more than just a twisted and torqued krautrock bag of beats. Vision Fortune shore it up without weighing it down by adding exotic tangents (“In My Father’s House There Are Mansions”) and otherworldly vocals that veer towards the ritualistic and driving art-punk replay (“Heavy Saddles”). Closer “Black Ocean Glow” is the go-to track if you need instant proof of the diversity they can wring out; dreamy, hazy and methodical, it works a mid-tempo hypno-aura that is sexed up by some smoky horns that not only give the cut its specific aura, but hint at another bag of tricks and digressions. Night Jukes is extremely focused — far beyond its repetition factors — with each track manifesting a distinct flavor and vibe as they hone in on an idea and work it for what it’s worth. To take such a singular tangent and make it kaleidoscopic is nothing new. But others who do that (and do it well) all have their own unmistakable character that can seem baffling to the timid and the impatient. And it’s the very thing that puts those outfits, Vision Fortune included, one rung above. Maybe more.

by Mr. Atavist