. issue IX : vii .

by barathron

. artist : trio saccacomie .
. album : allumé-lui le calumet .
. year : 2004 .
. label : no type annexe .
. grade : a .


“canoë dub”

The crunchy close to Calumet leaves footprints so aptly; confident and purposeful, “Canoë Dub” reduces the listener to an imposed optimism unsure of itself and thus everything else. Chittering circuits whine soft like a wounded animal and debilitate with the cutting awe of unconditional love. “Canoë Dub” (and Calumet) end abruptly, sickening by its absence; the hypnotist didn’t realize the time; as with nitrogen narcosis, the listener may feel physically ill.

by Brittany Tracy

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