. issue IX : v .

by barathron

“signal de fumée II”

Signal De Fumée II” mutters diminutively — finally — at its two-minute mark. Calumet’s most spacious offering, this ‘signal’ is deep-sea plumes of nutrients divulged in the dark through the ventilation of the earth. Alternately sludgy and shriven, this second movement frenzies in knotted mitotic bacilli fireworks, its warbly constructions spry in a ballet of crooning tops, small circumferences a twirl or teetering out between breaking skids: unfortunate inertia can be orbital or linear. “Signal” is also a spectacle of the pregnant darkness: the listener stands on the ocean floor and stares.*

*Listen to this with your palms in your eye sockets and it’s easy to forget what sort of animal you are.

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