. issue V : vi .

by barathron

. artist : various artists .
. album : daora: underground sounds of urban brasil – hip-hop, beats, afro & dub .
. year : 2013 .
. label : mais um discos .
. grade : b minus .


Here’s another valuable release from Mais Um, who specialize in bringing the latest uncategorizable Brazilian recordings to the north’s attention. Daora is ‘paulistano,’ slang that means just what an urban American means by ‘dope’: cool and generally awesome. I don’t find Disc 1, focusing on hip-hop and beats, especially ‘dope.’ But Disc 2, with its focus on Afrobeat and reggae-derived rhythms, is definitely all that. I’d heard that Afrobeat is hot in Brazil (why not? it’s popular everywhere right now) and there are some fine Afrobeat tracks on here: “Balboa da Silva” is fast and sour like the Budos Band or the late, lamented Superpowers; “Malunguinho” is slow and soulful; “Bass do Tambo” borrows as much from disco, rap and Shaft as from Afrobeat; and “Abeue” evolves from a long, very Brazilian percussion intro into a lovely, spacey jazz arrangement. And there are two really nice reggae tracks, both fronted by female singers switching between Portuguese and English: “Not Falling” reminds me of Amparanoia, and “Sorriso Forte na Luta” quotes Althea & Donna to fine effect. Brazilian Afrobeat and reggae? Como no!

by Bill Lupoletti